Three Months in Whistler

Rain and Rest Days

by Arran We decided to have a day off on Saturday. It's Martin Luther King Weekend (an American holiday) so it's really busy on the slopes especially on the Saturday. We went to Furny's (El Furniture Warehouse) for lunch which... Continue Reading →


Let’s talk Snowboarding!

by Margarita We've been here for 12 days now, 11 of which were spent snowboarding both mountains. The days would usually (traditionally) start with the Whistler Village Gondola - quite a long ride all the way up to Roundhouse during... Continue Reading →

Say Yes to Friends on a Powder Day!

by Margarita Since we've been here, it's been FREEZING! As Arran said, we've never snowboarded in such a cold! The piste conditions have been great, even though it hasn't snowed at least for a week, however we could not wait... Continue Reading →

Week One, Done!

by Arran This week had some of the coldest conditions I’ve ever snowboarded in. At some points, it’s been below -20 and the slopes and lifts have been busy due to the Christmas Holidays. Still it’s been a great start... Continue Reading →

We’re finally here!

by Margarita Alarm went off at 5.45am, following quite a rock'n'roll night - watched TV and started flagging at 10.30pm - still made it to stay awake until midnight to toast the last bit of prosecco for the new 2017!... Continue Reading →

Packing instead of Partying

by Arran It's New Years Eve and tomorrow we leave for Whistler 🙂 We're all packed and ready to go! Our taxis booked for just after 7 so we're having a quiet night with a couple of drinks to keep... Continue Reading →

Two and a half weeks to go!

by Margarita Hi! It was my Birthday yesterday, and Yes, I'm 30. I could get all philosophical here but I'll shrink it to this - there has never been a better time to do things I've always dreamt of. And spending a... Continue Reading →

Here we go

by Margarita We'll start writing our blog very soon x

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