by Arran

It’s been well over a month since my last post. So much has happened since then so I’ll just focus on a few recent events or this will go on forever!


Snowboarding for almost 3 months wears your gear out a lot more than a couple of weeks a year. My snowboard boots were starting to feel like pair a slippers with my feet slopping around inside. Bits were falling off and I was having to cut holes in the leather for laces to go through as the eyelets were ripping.

Luckily they managed to last just long enough for the sales to start! I ended up getting another pair of 32 Lashed but in a size smaller. I always thought my last pair were a little big as they were so comfy when I first got them rather than really tight before they pack out.

I got the boots last Saturday on our day off but didn’t get to try them out until Wednesday. Somehow I managed to pull a muscle in my lower back on the walk back from town. I don’t remember how it happened but once I was home is started stiffening up.

In my break from the slopes Margarita went up 2 of the days I was off and has now passed my vertical for the season! She was going to go home earlier than me today but changed her mind at the last minute. I’m sure the only reason was to stay ahead of me 😉

Getting back on a snowboard was weird as I still had some stiffness in my back (it’s improving everyday but still isn’t 100%) and the new boots felt alien to me at first. It took a few days to realise it wasn’t actually the boots that were the problem but how they sat in my bindings. They sat differently in the heel cup from my last pair so were further over my heel edge. With the boot also being smaller this now meant my heel overhang was a lot more than the toes (they should be relatively even). After the moving my binding a notch toward the toe edge and tuning my board (It’s done about 80 days without the edges ever being touched) I felt like a new man!

Over the last month we’ve ridden with our housemates more often along with a host of other people. It’s always good to ride with new people to mix things up. One of our housemates Josh is a really good rider who’s done 4 seasons in Whistler. We thought we’d done Million Dollar Ridge before but after talking with Josh it looked like we dropped in too far down. He showed us the correct way in and the top section we missed last time was really good. Just to refresh, it’s off the Peak chair on the way down to Creekside. You won’t find it on the piste map as it’s out of bounds. It’s not that hard to get to so we’ve done it a few times since. One of the best tree runs for sure and the snow tends to stay a bit longer than other places.


Whistler is also the place to be if you want to spot pro snowboarders (and probably skiers although I wouldn’t recognize them).

Torstein Horgmo was back in Whistler last week and Margarita bumped into him twice on the days I was resting. Once they took Emerald Chair together, so they had a little chat and, naturally, she got another selfie. That day he was riding with Craig McMorris. Speaking of Craig McMorris, I bumped into his more famous brother Mark outside the toilets at Rendezvous. I didn’t say anything but just stared a little to make sure it was him. He probably thought I was a weirdo. Naturally we checked Instagram to confirm it was him afterwards. If you don’t know who Mark McMorris is, he’s arguably the best competition freestyle snowboarder in the world. Later that day we saw him riding the Blackcomb park with fellow Canadian pro Tyler Nicholson.

Finally the same day on the walk home we saw Nev Lapwood from Snowboard Addiction. We were passing a crossing while he was waiting in his truck. We just exchanged waves then went on our way. If his window was down I would have shouted ‘Feed your addiction!’

Friday night it snowed 25cms and although we weren’t up early on Saturday the powder was still amazing. Recently it’s been snowing quite a lot but it’s been really wet heavy snow. This was much lighter and so much fun to ride. We went up Whistler just the two of us and headed straight to Symphony.


The highlight of the day was riding the Flute Bowl. Rather than hike the whole way we did a short hike then traversed across for the second half of the run. There were tracks but we both managed to pick fresh lines. One of the best powder runs since we’ve been here! We finished the day off with a few well deserved pitchers at the Beacon.


We had a day off the slopes on Sunday and went to the Brandywine Waterfall but I’ll save that for another post.