by Margarita

Brew some coffee and get comfortable – this will be one long blog post!

It’s been a great week.

Last weekend Whistler Blackcomb hosted Oakley week – as part of their promotions (like testing their new range of Prizm lenses right on the mountain), they organised a Mini Pipe Challenge up near Blackcomb park where you could see and join their pro snowboarders and skiers ride it! It started with ShredBots filming for one of their videos, so it was super sweet to get to see our snowboarding legends in flesh – the likes of Torstein Horgmo, Craig McMorris, Sage Kotsenburg, Stale Standbech and Sven Thorgren! I didn’t shy away and went for a little chat and a pic with Torstein 🙂


On Sunday we met up with Kevin from SnowboardProCamp – a super popular YouTube channel full of snowboard tutorials, vlogs and gear reviews filmed in Whistler. A little prehistory here – before we came to Whistler, Arran always watched his daily videos and I joined in, too. As soon as we arrived, I went on one of my photography walks and saw him next to the grocery store. I couldn’t not stop to say hello! Since then, we kept in touch and Kevin had an idea to film some girls snowboard progression videos and I was keen! On the day he invited Arran to join as well, so here it is – a video about our super fun day learning new things – I was hoping to learn how to ollie off the jumps consistently and Arran went for nose grabs! It’s a little embarrassing to watch ourselves speak in front of camera but we shouldn’t take it too seriously, should we?!

In the end of the day I also did a little review of my snowboard, it’s on the channel, too!

We would like to take the opportunity to thank Kevin for his time! We had such a fun day and ending up with new skills was one of the highlights! All we need to do is keep practising and having the best time on (and off) the mountains 😉

The other day we got a pleasant surprise when it started snowing again – they say that March can be crazy with snowfall in Whistler – we cannot be happier! The piste conditions haven’t improved right away but when they did improve, we made the most of it.


Highlights of this week must be our ventures to Harmony/Symphony/Whistler Peak and yesterday’s massive powder day which we enjoyed over on Blackcomb mountain.

Harmony, Symphony and Whistler Peak areas get exposed to the winds, therefore they’re not always the easiest areas to ride but we couldn’t resist them with all the fresh snow. We joined Rob and Al and their Guernsey friends who were happily dropping cliffs and cornices here and there – some were great, while the others a bit comical 😉 We didn’t spend all day with them, but kept crossing paths so it was great – as my favourite part about fresh snow is actually riding it (not dropping cliffs), Arran was kind to me and we did that 🙂 Symphony Amphitheatre gets the snow in its bowls and it’s magical to ride it – even on the days when it doesn’t snow heaps or a few days after last snowfall. A good place to know! The last run of the day was one of the most fun, too! Boys showed us around the Million Dollar Ridge and Dusty’s Descent which are long tree runs on the side of Peak to Creek. We celebrated this day with a very well deserved Champs burger at Dusty’s in Creekside! Once we took the Creekside Gondola and Red Chair back up, we were so pleased to do the last run of the day after all the lifts closed! The piste bashers were already at work, the snow kept falling and we couldn’t help but dream about what Friday might bring!


To end this blog post, let me talk a little about our epic Powder day that Friday turned out to be. We happened to wake up early that morning, so took a chance and left the house at 6.45am to join the line for Fresh Tracks. To our surprise, the queue was massive at that point and we weren’t sure we could actually make it to be between first 650 people, so turned around and had breakfast at the trusted Ingrid’s and joined the Blackcomb line right before it opened. Apart from Fresh Tracks failure, we were kissed by luck this day. We got to make our own fresh powder lines – we decided to go to places we hadn’t been before and opted to explore the blacks off the top of Jersey Cream – pretty challenging but so so so cool. The highlight of the day was to get to Crystal chair at the time it opened (it was closed all day Thursday for some reason, so two days worth of snow all for us!)– the conditions on and off the pistes were so good, we couldn’t stop smiling and floating in that pow. Just to think that in the beginning of this winter I was scared of the tree runs!!

The sun is shining today. As soon as I publish this post, we’re out of the house!

It will sound cliché but one thing we learnt here is to Live every day as they come.


Carpe Diem ❤