by Margarita

Our Whistler journey has reached its mid point and we’re enjoying life here as much as we did once we arrived, if not more. It’s so much more than a winter holiday for us. It makes us dream more, and plan our future lives in a more relaxed and fulfilling way. Wherever we will be πŸ™‚

This blog post will be more of a photo gallery than a story. But for those that know me, I more likely will tell stories in photographs.


There are loads of things I like about this town as a snowboarding destination – I’m actually listing them little by little in my diary so that I can share them with you one day. However, one of those things is that Whistler has a very nice community. People come and live here, let it be a season, a year or five. Winters and summers. And they appreciate how amazing the nature around us is and how vulnerable it is at the same time. They also bring their own personalities and translate them to the life in this village. With all the personalities, comes so much talent, too. No day is the same here.


And today we woke up early and went for a walk. Yes, a walk in our normal shoes. Bluebird day looking at the mountains above πŸ˜‰ this time we headed towards Green Lake – we chose Valley Trail that goes through Nesters and Nicklaus North Golf Course on the way there, and followed it all the way around to get back home. Would totally recommend it!!







A little curiosity for you. No house is the same here in Whistler. It seems like having an idea and making it reality works a treat here. If you’re lucky to win a lottery, that is… πŸ˜‰


N.B. All the houses in the picture above were photographed in the same neighbourhood!


….and even if I would not be able to do itΒ in this cold, hats off to the brave ones πŸ™‚


Speak soon! Xx