by Margarita

This week was hard work. Or hard play, I should say.

Whistler Blackcomb has had loads of snow coming in just before last weekend (if you missed it, you can read our story about the amazing powder weekend we had in the previous blog post), so we’ve been on the mountain every day looking for freshies!

No day is the same here, the weather is a bit unpredictable with the temperatures going up and down each week, so we’re taking every day as it comes! Carpe diem, indeed.


On Monday, following the weekends amazing powder, Arran took a day off to rest his bones, but I could not help and left the house with the dream to explore Symphony better. I joined Dani, Andrew and Rob and they were all keen on it, too! How much fun that was – we did just a minute’s hike up the Flute Bowl and the snow was so fluffy and deep and playful that we spent at least half an hour just enjoying it. The ride down was totally worth the effort, too!! A bit deep in places, so some of us- gh-ghm not me for a change! – got stuck but all in all everyone had a blast!! The route back was something else, too! Such a picturesque winter wonderland!


Later in the week, on the bluebird days me and Arran came back to doing our regular runs and the little park to remind ourselves how to snowboard not in powder!! But again, the sunshine didn’t last long with more snow on its way – this time more typical to the Coast Mountain region – with the wetter and heavier snow – we made the most of it, chasing those fresh lines whenever and wherever we could and trying to fight the crowds – not sure why but it’s been way busier on the mountains these days! The weather kept surprising us – on one afternoon the snow turned into sleet which soaked outer layers of our gear, but then the winds picked up and turned our wet clothes into ice – it felt like wearing frozen cardboard boxes! – the pockets wouldn’t open, goggles were covered in ice, every step would make a squeaking sound! 🙂 we must have looked like two robots on our way home!

But let’s talk a little about the Off Mountain Fun, too!

Just before all this pow, we ventured to visit the famous Train Wrecks in the forest around Cheakamus – it started snowing in the morning, making the walk itself a really nice fairytale-like scene. Without a doubt, I took my camera and snapped away a little  around the site and the suspension bridge! It took a few tries to get all the group pics using self timer and run up and down the swinging bridge… until I realised I could simply shoot remotely using wifi and smartphone, what a jerry move, but it was actually fun challenge to make it to the picture! 🙂


On this day we also visited the Whistler famous Re-Use It centre where A&D donated a few old items and we, on the other hand, got ourselves a brand new little $4 kettle!

This leads to the other part of the story I wanted to share. Since our arrival in Whistler, we spent loads of time on and off the mountain with Andrew and Daniella, who we share the house with, and grew pretty close friends. This weekend they’re saying their goodbyes to Whistler experience and will head home after almost a year of travels around the world! We would like to thank them from the bottom of our hearts for all good times we had and wish fun and safe rest of the travels before settling down in Brisbane. We hope we’ll get to see you again in the future! ❤

So, coming back to the kettle story. Even if we’re sad the guys are leaving, here comes the silver lining – we’ll be moving into their beautiful ensuite masterbedroom tomorrow where we will be able to have a freshly brewed coffee without leaving the room! Niiiice.

A little other fun fact of the week. Arran shaved his beard off! A month long experiment came to a close 🙂


Thanks for coming back and reading our stories from this winter wonderland! If you have any questions or would like us to talk about something in particular, just let us know! Xx