by Arran

Before we arrived in Whistler, there was a Fresh Tracks sale on so we bought 3 sets of tickets at half price. Fresh Tracks is where you get to take the Whistler Gondola up the mountain as early as 7:15 (it takes about 25 minutes to get up) before it opens for everyone else at 8:30. Once at the top there’s a buffet breakfast at Roundhouse before they let everyone loose a little after 8.

Up until now we haven’t really had the conditions to warrant using our tickets but with it snowing on Friday (I was the only one up the mountain this day and the conditions were already showing promise!) and it forecast for another 20 cm’s over-night we decide it was time.

We set our alarm for 5:45 as we knew it would be popular with the lack of recent snow and it being a Saturday. Neither of us felt like getting up at the time but I’m so glad we did 🙂 Andrew and Daniella only have a week left in Whistler and still had a pair of tickets to use so the 4 of us head out around 6:40. We made the queue almost half an hour before the lift opened and there were already a few hundred people ahead of us.


With the queue and the time it takes to get the gondola up we were a little later than we’d hoped. I was thinking of only having a quick breakfast to make sure we were there as soon as the slopes opened. Margarita was ahead of me in the buffet and judging by her plate, bowl, and extra muffin I didn’t think this was going to happen 😉


Still we were quite quick and managed to get out about 10 minutes after the slopes opened. The earliest people were just getting off the Emerald Chair after their first lap.


There’re a lot of routes you can take from Roundhouse so when we finally strapped in the run we took hardly had any tracks. The pistes were deep and the sides were even better! We took Emerald up and did another lap. Whistler gets tracked quick especially in the obvious areas so this run was good but nowhere near the same level as the first (we took a different route too).


We headed over the Blackcomb and did one lap down to Solar Coaster which was great. Once off the chair we noticed the Glacier Chair was open. 7th Heaven was still closed but if the Glacier Chairs opens then 7th Heaven is normally not far behind. We decided to risk it and head for Heaven. It was still closed but the queue was small. It took about 20-25 minutes to open and no one really joined the queue after us. We could of got another lap in before heading over but being one of the first up we didn’t mind.


We did several laps on 7th Heaven which were all amazing. The visibility wasn’t great which seemed to bother one elderly skier passing by who was complaining that whoever call the place 7th Heaven had a sick sense of humour. Each to their own.

The 4 of us mixed up our routes and I was hitting up the trees which is always fun. They really get your adrenaline going especially when the gaps are tight and you have to react quick (I did a few tree runs by myself the other day in preparation).


We ended up snowboarding till almost last lift. Margarita would have kept going but I was exhausted. Then again, I was up early to ride the day before and we were out exploring the rest of the day on Friday..


To sum up, this was one of the best days snowboarding either of us have ever had 🙂

Andrew and Daniella headed home but we decided to finish the day with some well-deserved après at our favourite spot The Beacon. It was also a nice way to break up the walk home for tired legs!

It snowed most of Saturday and continued through the night so we knew Sunday was going to be another epic day! We weren’t up as early as Saturday but Rob (one of our housemates who’d just returned from a road trip) knows some spots which wouldn’t get tracked out as quick.

After getting up the mountain (we took the chairs up instead of the Gondola to avoid the queues) we heard Peak Chair was about to open. We joined the queue and it opened in about 15 minutes. The face under the chair only had one line when we arrived and by the time we got on the chair it was almost tracked out. Like I said, Whistler gets pretty busy!

Once at the top of the Peak chair we started on the Peak to Creak run then veered off the left and out of bounds. (See the little line in the middle of the picture below – this is the route Rob us took to!)


The snow was so deep and the first section was totally untouched. This was definitely some of the best snow I’d ever ridden! Margarita was smiling from ear to ear. Our route joined back up with Dustys run before picking up the lower Peak to Creek.

Once at the bottom we met up with Andrew and Daniella at Dusty’s for some food. I highly recommend the Champs Burger.

Afterwards we headed back up to Roundhouse. I rode out whilst the others did the same run from Peak chair.


I’d had a great morning but at this point I was so tired. I’ve been trying to shake a cold and after 10 days straight and a heavy Saturday riding my body had given up. I showered and went straight to bed for a few hours.

Margarita is up the mountain today but I decided to have a day off and use the time to relax, recover and make a short edit of our powder weekend. We only filmed a little and missed the first run of Fresh Tracks and the deepest section of the Sunday run but that was to enjoy the experience more 🙂

We hope you like it!