by Arran

I don’t think we’ve mentioned it but there’re 11 of us living in our home in Whistler. There’s plenty of space for everyone but one of the guys wanted to see if we could all fit on one of the sofas. Mission accomplished 🙂


Now on to the post.

It’s February already and boy did that come fast! It seems only yesterday we were picking up our lift passes and having our first day on the Mountain.

We’ve now got a good idea on our favourite runs and places to go but we don’t want to get complacent and miss out on everything Whistler has to offer.


This week we checked out a new place for drinks called BrewHouse. It’s also a restaurant which is separate from the bar but we’d already filled ourselves with Burritos from La Cantina 🙂


The bar had a really nice vibe, mix of people, and award winning beers. We sat by the open fire and luckily for me (maybe not so lucky for Margarita) the big screen above the fireplace was showing basketball (we also had view of another game on one of the other screens). Cleveland lost to Dallas of all teams but I guess you can’t have everything!

Last week on 26th January it was Australia day. It’s celebrated over two days here to cover the 26th in Australia and the 26th in Canada. As half of our house are Australian, so we had a party on the Wednesday, listened to the Aussie Hottest 100, played more drinking games and met loads of new people we might never see again. This time I was feeling ok the day after but I was due a day off. Margarita on the other hand went up the Mountain to take pictures of the celebrations on the slopes. You can check out the photos in the Gallery.

Since last Thursday I’ve spent every day on the slopes. The WB+ app we’ve previously mentioned tracks your current and best streak. I’ve now matched my best streak of 7 consecutive days. Margarita’s best is 10. It hasn’t snowed in ages and with it due to snow all weekend I wasn’t planning on having any days off soon. Now there’re suggestions of doing a ‘day activity’ tomorrow before the snow comes. Personally I think Margarita just doesn’t want me to beat her streak 😉 The picture below is of my stats from a few days ago at the end of January. You can set goals in the app so I’ve set myself 75 days and 300,000 vertical metres before we leave. Should be no problem!


I feel my snowboarding’s improved over the last week and we’re both spending more time in the park. We’ve been doing a little bit of filming for our project so hopefully we’ll have some interesting clips to share with you soon.