by Margarita

19 January 2017

It’s our second Anniversary!

[We met exactly two years and a day ago in Les Arcs – French Alps – during the Winter Bash, an amazing annual trip organised by Snowboard Club UK and since then we’ve been going on snowboarding holidays again again and yet again…]

So, we weren’t sure what we wanted to do to celebrate it but we were starting to have snowboarding withdrawals following two rainy days off, therefore without a doubt we went up the mountain.

We woke up early to what was going to end up as the most eventful day so far!

It rained through the night in the village, so we hoped it meant snow up top. We headed to Blackcomb and it started to look a lot like magic! We saw a sea of people waiting for Glacier Express chairlift to open, so we decided to join them – this many people cannot be wrong, we hoped!

Oh my. Indeed, they weren’t wrong.

I’ve never snowboarded in this much Powder! Zero style points to me but how much adrenaline! It was so hard at times, and magical at others!

[See the images above – Not a good idea dropping my iPhone in the fresh snow, hey!]

We went up the Glacier Express again – the second time the snow wasn’t the same – already more packed, however we enjoyed it as much as the first time – I was more confident and went looking for fresh lines on the sides of the run. Fantastic!

Afterwards we headed to the 7th Heaven – it’s a more open area with the tree runs a little bit down. Arran really wanted to go through the trees – I was scared but did it anyway! It was beautiful!! I cannot say I did, but Arran indeed had a blast swirling through the trees!

The nature is amazing and daunting at times!!..

On our way back to the bottom of Solar Coaster, I had a little silly crash on the flat due to snow turning into ice in my binding – Arran came to help and while he was trying to remove the ice, he knocked his own snowboard and it went off the edge of the piste into the woods! All of this went very lucky thanks to a kind skier who spotted the snowboard, so Arran could pick it! A bit of stress in the end of the day to make the day even more memorable! 😉

At this point we decided to call it a day and go straight to celebrate!! Or, I’d rather say, continue our anniversary celebrations at Beacon – our bar of choice – $18 (incl. tax) pitchers of Steamworks Pale Ale plus their signature chips were well received!!


Ah. What a day. What an amazing gift the mountain gave us!! ♥