by Arran

We decided to have a day off on Saturday. It’s Martin Luther King Weekend (an American holiday) so it’s really busy on the slopes especially on the Saturday. We went to Furny’s (El Furniture Warehouse) for lunch which is only $5 for any meal all the time! For $5 the burgers were better than expected and the beer wasn’t bad either ;). The town was also full of young Americans and the dress sense reminded me of a night out Newcastle. No regard for the weather!


Sunday and Monday we snowboarded and continued working on Margarita’s freestyle training. My brother Gav also gave me a few tricks to work on for Monday but I’ll update you more on those in a later post. I landed them all but not to the standard I’d like.

The company we rent our room from also run several other chalets and each month they organise a get together for all the seasonaires. This month it was a house party at our chalet on Monday night. Neither of us were feeling like it before hand but we both had a great time. Some of the drinking games we played were hilarious and I’m sure we’ll share them with our friends once we’re back in the UK 😉

I was feeling a little worse for wear the next day so we ended up having a day off. Luckily it rained most of the day in the Valley and up the mountain so we didn’t feel like we were missing out.

Tuesday seems to be the cheap day for everything in Whistler. Loads of restaurants have deals on which we taken advantage of the previous two weeks but today we decided to chill and go to the cinema. On Tuesdays it’s only $7 a ticket.

Wednesday the rain continued so we had another day off the mountain. We checked out Portobello’s in Blackcomb with Andrew and Daniella. They said the sandwiches were amazing and we weren’t disappointed! If you’re ever doing a season in Whistler make sure you take your season pass with you everywhere. Loads of places offer discounts for locals so you’re best asking and showing your pass.

On the evening a few of us went to a trampoline place called Bounce which has a locals night on Wednesdays. It’s $10 for two hours and they have tramp boards (like small snowboards to practice on). It was good fun but we didn’t last the full two hours. Trampolining is much easier without the board on but we both managed to practice our grabs and spins. I tweaked my knee slightly at the end but it seems to be ok. We also checked out the ball pit but I think this is aimed at kids rather than adults.

To finish the evening the Whistler Brewery was conveniently located next door to Bounce so we had a beer before getting the bus home.


We’ve been on the mountain both days since so we’ll update you on those soon. Lets just say the rain turned to snow and the powder was amazing 🙂