by Margarita

Alarm went off at 5.45am, following quite a rock’n’roll night – watched TV and started flagging at 10.30pm – still made it to stay awake until midnight to toast the last bit of prosecco for the new 2017!

…The flights went well – a tiny delay arriving to Heathrow but it was fine as we had some time to kill anyway. And we had a couple of beers to help us do that. The Air Canada plane was full and we left a bit late, so when in Vancouver airport we were a tad tight with time to catch our transfer. But let me tell you about the landing first. Picture this – the sun is setting, leaving a gorgeous pink/orange sky, this coloured light is cast on the peaks of the mountains and we’re flying above the water onto the most beautifully set up runway. Oh yes.


The immigration and customs was no hassle (we had our ETA’s approved well in advance and the only thing we got asked was about the accommodation – if we had anywhere to stay). However the luggage took some time to arrive due to icy runway and we were worried we’d miss our 6pm transfer with Pacific Coach Lines. But we didn’t! At arrival in Whistler, we were greeted by our chalet host who came to collect us in his truck with the snowmobile in the back. A very Canadian picture to be completed once we saw his beautiful husky, too!

The chalet Bon Ami is what we expected – not too fancy but we have all we need. We booked it ages ago through as we were advised that the housing situation over here is not great with people hardly finding anywhere to stay upon arrival. We didn’t want the hassle so we’re glad we have a nice room to chill after the days of snowboarding. The guys and girls staying here at the moment seem really friendly – a mix of skiers and snowboarders with different goals for the winter season. We chatted a bit but the long journey took its toll and we were extremely tired at this point so we went to bed straight after the well deserved shower!

Here we find ourselves awake at 4am. Eyes open, big smiles on our faces and excitement to see Whistler in daylight!! Luckily we managed to get a couple more hours of sleep.

The longest 1st January so far, total of 32 hours.

Well, Hello Whistler! We went for a little stroll around the village, had some excellent home cooked breakfast at an all-girls-diner Ingrid’s and collected our season passes! At this point we thought it was a good idea to get some food shopping done and oh my, weren’t we surprised! It is indeed expensive here. It’ll take some time to get used to eating less, haha!

Come afternoon, we have our gear on and take Whistler Village Gondola all the way to Roundhouse.  A few lifts were closed due to high winds and extreme cold weather , so we did a few runs on Whistler mountain and got to learn the terrain. How much snow Whistler has had up until today!!! Usually on the first day of the snowboarding holiday, I need a few runs to get my feet back at snowboarding again but this time it felt so different! I’m strapped in on my new Roxy Radiance and I can’t snowboard at all, oh no! Kidding, I can, but it feels very different than my good old Burton Feather but the more runs we do, the more I’m falling in love with the Radiance – glides so well! Excited to see what she has to offer me 🙂 Arran got his bearings right away, as he usually does, and he already sneaked a few nice airs.

Of course we ended the day with apres – we went to Beacon pub for a jug (okay, two) of beer – Steamworks Pale Ale was well enjoyed! We promised to write this up once home but all we could do was shower and sleep and passed out before 7pm!! I hope these patterns will change soon and we will start socialising with our flatmates, too!

7.20am now and we’ll get ready for our second day on the mountain – we’ll head to the same runs again to see how they are in the morning as yesterday afternoon the sun was already behind them, leaving the slopes in the shade and with this cold weather it was a bit chilly.

Speak soon! Xx