by Margarita

Hi! It was my Birthday yesterday, and Yes, I’m 30. I could get all philosophical here but I’ll shrink it to this – there has never been a better time to do things I’ve always dreamt of.

And spending a whole winter in the mountains is one of those dreams.

margarita-photos-5852With just under three weeks to go and my birthday being at such a fortunate time,  I couldn’t ask for better presents! Can’t wait to get my new Roxy Radiance on the mountain and see if it definitely has a better pop! And ha, got some dollar to spend on après!!

There’s one place in Newcastle that serves traditional Canadian Poutine (think – fries, cheese curds and gravy!) and yes, we went there for lunch to try some out! (Check out Oh, and that was just a side.. 😉 


I can’t wait to get off the plane, get on the coach, and head towards Whistler village to start this experience. Any last minute tips before we start packing?